Educational Case Study

As some of you might have seen on Twitter, we are looking for a lovely company who would like to work with our lovely school.  We are interested in trying out new technologies, but have limited  funding.  As a school who are constantly looking for creative ideas to achieve things, we thought we would put forward this proposal.

We would like to introduce some mobile devices (iPads or iPod touches) into one of our year groups.  With these we would like to see how they can be integrated into the curriculum, as an addition, rather than a replacement to the conventional tools.


The plan would then be to monitor and review the impact over a period of time, with updates throughout.  This would be finalised with a end report detailing the results within school.  


We thought that this might be of interest to a company, local or larger, as we would acknowledge the support we received and would be happy for the case study to be used for promotional use.


If you think that there is anyone that would be interested please send them in my direction or drop me an email at



Mr B



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