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Special mention to Sunbeams for filling their coin tub. I believe a pyjama party is on the cards.

Also a special mention to Sophie for getting through to the second round of the 500 word challenge, run by BBC 2!

Taekwondo success!

Some information about how some of the children at Abbots did at a tournament this weekend!

With a 7am start to Bracknell in the snow and empty stomach we attended the Bracknell Championship.
After the weighing, students had their breakfast and had a long wait for their fights.

Rhianna the only girl from our school won Gold (24:10) against a black tip, higher ranked than her.

Sam in yr 6 did exceptionally well, gaining a silver medal!

Nikhil had to go through 3 fights to the final round where he beat his fellow team mate.

Jake in yr3 won against Josh yr4 58:53, what a nail biting performance, Jake getting Gold and Josh Silver.

Scot yr2 got silver, brilliantly done.

But our Mr Liam as we call him, from Reception, did fantastically and achieved Silver!

Well done to all, and as a team B J Academy came 3rd!

A great effort by all! I have seen some of the medals, very impressive!

Amazing Year 6 children!

This is an email that Miss Blackwell received having taken some of our children to a tournament this week.

Dear Sarah

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the leaders at the intra-school competition yesterday. They acted as great role models to the younger children and I hope it was a beneficial session for everyone involved.

The children involved were – Hollie, Sydney, Reece, Aidan, Alfie, Ellie, Sophie, Abi, Benjamin, Grace and Millie

Well done guys, you should be very proud!