We need water!

If anyone can bring a large container of water to school we would be very grateful!  Our supply has been cut off, due to a leak on Bedmond Road and we need drinking water for Sports Day.
If you can do this, however large or small the container, please bring it to the middle of the field, where the bunting is.

Many thanks

Mr B

ALSA Update

Having forgotten to put this little entry in the newsletter today, I thought I would Blog about it.

We would like to make you aware that there will be refreshments available on Sports Day. There will be tea, coffee, squash and cakes and there will also be an ice cream van!
Congratulations to Leigh in Year 2 and Josh in Year 6 who are the winners of the summer fete programme/poster competition, look out for their great designs.  If anybody works for a bank or large company you could help raise more money for the school through matched funding.  If so please drop us an email at alsacommittee@googlemail.com.



Mr B

Great day!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped today! We got a huge amount done and we will be running another session soon, maybe on a weekend?

Hope you like the bus!