The start of the week!



What a lovely start to the week!

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Great work for ‘The Lodge’


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Healthy eating in Reception.WP_20140630 1


Swimming medals!




Super Maths!

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Tudor painting!

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Writing stories together – at home!



Twitter and Blog Links

Here are all the links to the Twitter and Blog accounts of the staff on the Year 5 trip.


I think that is about it!  I will also Retweet and Blog a lot of the photos from the other teachers, as well as adding my own when I get home from my day visit tomorrow!



A busy day!

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Prop making for Cinderella Rockafella!WP_20140618 4

World Cup home learningWP_20140618 5

Amazing aeroplane from ReceptionWP_20140618 6

Hansel and Gretel inspired houses!WP_20140618 7

Super fractionsWP_20140618 8

Great writing from Year 5!WP_20140618 9 WP_20140618 10

Flags ready for Sports DayWP_20140618Great Maths!


Some information…

Just a quick note to reassure people about ‘The Prowler’. You may have heard from your child that someone has been around the fence at school, taking photos and talking to the children.

The reality of this is that there is a local teenage boy who has spoken to a few of the children, on three or four occasions. As for taking photographs, we are unsure of whether this is the case or not.

We have spoken with the children to reassure them that it is someone who has made a wrong choice, and that our children can use the common sense they have and not get involved. We have explained that if someone talks to them through the fence they can walk away and tell an adult and that if they are worried about this happening, our field is so large, there are plenty of places to play that are not close to the field.

All staff are aware of the situation and we take the responsibility of caring for your lovely children very seriously, hence the note in the newsletter last week about the incident at Tolpit Lane. We have spoken to the Police and they have asked us to keep an eye on the situation, but that they are aware of the boy and are not concerned.

We have already worked with the children on ‘Stranger Danger’ and will revisit it again before the end of term. The children are aware of what they need to do to keep themselves safe and if you can back that up at home, we would be very grateful.

One other request from me would be if you could try to reassure your child/children about the things I have said, as ‘Chinese whispers’ can lead to some very unusual comments from the children about what is happening.

I hope this puts people’s minds at rest a little and please feel free to catch me on the playground if you want to know any more.

Thank you

Mr B