The Summer Fair!

Every now and then things happen that make you smile. That happened to me last night. Charlie (of ALSA fame) popped into school to let me know about the Summer Fair.

I really enjoyed myself on the day, and it seems that lots of other people did too.

Before I actually get to the amount of money raised I need to thank ALSA. There is a small, yet brilliant and dedicated group of parents who put themselves out on a very regular basis. Even whilst Charlie was delivering the news about the fair, a group of parents were sorting out the tickets for the disco on Thursday.

Being a member of ALSA doesn’t mean that you have to eat, sleep and breathe ALSA, it just means that you want to support the school, your child and the whole community.

Every person who carried a table or chair at the weekend is part of ALSA, every person who donated a bottle of wine or cuddly toy is part of ALSA and I for one, love everyone who is part of ALSA, as they enable me to provide an even better resourced curriculum for your wonderful children.

When the next event appears on the horizon I will be in touch with you all and see if we can get even more ALSA people, which will make it that little easier for the team who work on every event!

So, if you have managed to read through the above writing, well done! However, here comes the part you are really interested in.

The Summer Fair managed to raise £7843 – with the potential that it could raise even further if we complete one more matched funding deal.

This figure is over £1000 more than last year and for that I have to thank you all! It makes such a difference to school and to your children, which is why we all do these things!

So, I will no doubt cross paths with many of you over the next few days, but if I don’t – have an amazing summer, enjoy every minute and I will see you all in September, when we will continue to try our hardest for you and your children.


Mr B

One thought on “The Summer Fair!

  1. kevin Brown says:

    Well done mr B and all the A.l.S.A folk.
    Hope fully every body who had commitments this year and couldnt help will pencil in an hour or so for next year so that its a bit easier for all and maybe we can hit £8,000 next year.

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