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Roger Billing

Which class on what day…

Below is a list of what classes will be done on the dates assigned for Abbots SOS.
You don’t have to work in the class that your child is currently in, or will be in, but that could be nice!

14th June – 6 Lewis and Wells

15th June – 4 Blyton and Rowling

16th June – 2 Blake and Dahl

17th June – 1 Neverland and Wonderland

4th July – 5 Morpurgo and Fine

5th July – 3 Potter and Donaldson

6th July – Nursery and Pratchett

7th July – Tiggywinkles and Puddleducks

8th July – Cottontails and any finishing


All classes will be done by the end of the term – however, we might do a weekend if needed!



Dates for Abbots SOS

Here are the dates for Abbots SOS – if you click here you will be transported to a form that will allow you to sign up your support.
The school will be open from 7.30am until 6pm – and if needed, we will look to run a weekend session to ‘finish off’ any areas.
Thank you in advance!
Roger Billing

4th March Poster