Reports will be given out tomorrow and I really do hope you like the new format.  The staff at school have put in a huge amount of effort and myself and Mrs Negrello have loved reading them and writing our comments.


At the end of the report there is a space for parent/carer comments.  It would be lovely if as many people could reply with their thoughts on the year, as we do really like to hear what you think, especially if it is nice!


We are coming to the end of the term and year, but there are still many exciting events left, including the Open Evening next week, on the 4th.

Thanks for a brilliant first year at Abbots.
Mr B

Rounders at Tanners Wood

Just to let you know that parents are more than welcome to watch the tournament at Tanners today and if you want to take you child home after, just sign them out with their teacher.

If you are not there, the children will be walking back to school as normal.

Fingers crossed for a win!

Mr B.