Information about our Parent Session on the 2nd of February


Just a little snippet of information to let you know some of the things we will have for you on the 2nd.


Items for our Parent Session


  • Information on the new testing for Year 6 children
  • A chance to see the Grammar content for all of our children
  • A presentation about school, by some of our amazing Year 6 children
  • Examples of learning from around the school
  • An introduction to our ‘shared language of learning’
  • Areas to support with at home
  • Handwriting information and resources
  • Parent Rep information – sign up included
  • Explanation of the difficulties that our school and others will be facing over the next few years
  • What types of support you could offer
  • Any ideas from the school community to support the school and fundraising


Also, here is a short video filmed after our assembly today.  We talked about what makes our school, our school!  These were the ideas the children came up with.