Film competition! 

So, with our new Filming Club up and running, I thought it would be a great idea to have a film competition.
The rules are very simple. Either as an individual, or as a group, you need to plan for a short film – around 1-2 minutes long.
You will need to think about certain issues:

Is it possible? Flying and explosions are hard!

Who would be in it? Speak to your friends if you have a good idea.

Remember it can only last 1-2 minutes, so no ‘Lord of the Rings’ please 🙂

What will people say? How will they behave/move?

What will the camera be doing? Panning, zooming, close up or wide angle?

Why are you wanting to make your film? Is it to discuss an issue? Is it to make people laugh, cry or question?

Most importantly, you have until the end of our first week back after half term. We will then pick one winner and start to plan how we will make the winning film!

Paper copies of your plan and storyboards to me please.
Get thinking!

Mr B